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About Project Back to School

The Back to School plans to implement a range of educational projects that will make a significant impact on the lives of the displaced children. The team aims to support the children re-enter the education system by providing academic resources, scholarships, and psycho-social support to ensure a seamless transition.

Our Target Group - Students from Standard VIII-XII residing in Relief Camps

The WHY of Choosing this Group?

  • We identified the target group as the critical academic period as they begin to deal with several concepts academically and in need of extra support for future education and career prospects.
  • The group inherently develops complex thinking and start making personal life choices during these years. We believe that educated intervention would help them significantly.

High School Students

From 8th to 10th Standard Students

Senior Secondary Students

11th and 12th Standard Students

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Our Project Activities

1 . Scholastic and well-being kits
(one time assistance)
The study kit package aims to suffice the basic academic need for a child to re-enter school and in academics. We believe that these would also provide them with a strong sense of security, identity and comfort.

Budget Estimation in average per individual (INR)

2. Linkage to pay
after-school tuition services
There is a need for solid support due to academic loss caused by the crisis. We need to help set a routine so the student’s minds are occupied. We can identify two major subjects for this. English grammar and spoken English could be expected, irrespective of the standard.

Special Activites For Target Group - 9th to 12th standard

1. Age-appropriate Life Skills Education Session

Awareness sessions on personal safety, communication, decision-making, etc., for children residing in relief camps. These will be tailored to the age group of Standard IX-XII; the sessions will provide practical guidance and strategies to navigate the complexities of adolescence and the challenges of their current circumstances.

2. One on one follow-up with school-going children​

This practice primarily ensures the project goals have been successfully delivered. This also creates an opportunity to interact and provide one on one explain why this is important – for linkage to available scholarship, ensure retention in school etc.

3. Group Therapeutic Sessions

It will offer a pivotal space for students within the relief camps, spanning Standard IX-XII, to address both emotional and academic hurdles collectively. Led by professionals, these sessions will provide a nurturing environment where students can freely express themselves, process their experiences, and acquire coping mechanisms.


Scholastic and Well-being Support
After-School Tuition Support
one-on-one follow up Support
Life Skill Education Sessions
Group Therapeutic Sessions

Key Outputs

1. Children residing in relief camps will be able to meaningfully understand and comprehend the content of the syllabus, thereby effectively cope with the academic milestones.

2. Lack of scholastic and basic well-being needs of the children will be fulfilled

3. Sense of stability amongst the children will be inculcated through routine activities such as tuition support and periodical group support sessions

4. Children will be able to transition to the next standard without losing out on academic year

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