Teach A Topic [TAT]

TAT is an online competition where participants submit a 7-8 minutes educational video explaining any topic.

Teach A Topic - 2023

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Guidelines for Teach A Topic (TAT) 2023:

  1. Competitors can create a short video of 5-8 minutes in length explaining an academic topic.  Videos longer than 8 minutes have a high chance of rejection.
  2. The medium of explanation can either be in Manipuri or English. The video should be in landscape mode. The competition is open to all regardless of any field of study.
  3. Participants can use any method/mode of explanation and have the freedom to use external resources(quotes, images, references, etc.). Due credits should be given wherever necessary. With that, it has to be original, innovative, and comprehensible.
  4. Participants can opt to exclude their presence from the camera but the entire presentation has to be made by the participant only (use of computer-generated voiceover is prohibited). If a participant is caught using fraudulent means, he/she will be revoked from the competition.
  5. Register through the Google form: https://forms.gle/kzDntquX3u4BWcPXA and upload your videos in your own google drive and share the link to our mail: mitsna.editor@gmail.com

We will open a span of 20 days for the submission of videos. After the duration, the portal will be closed and we will upload the videos on youtube within a span of 2 weeks in the order of submission. However, so as to neutralize the effect of earlier videos getting more views, we will upload the videos at the same time and keep a duration of one month for all the videos to attain saturation counting.

The competition will be conducted in two phases – Phase I & Phase II

  1. Phase I is for preliminary selection to identify the top participants who will move on to the next round of the competition.During Phase I, the participants are assessed by the public, executive members of MitSna and the TAT organizing team. Public assessment will be on the basis of the number of views and audience retention(watch time and average percentage views) based on data collected from YouTube and carries 60 percent of weightage to it. The remaining 40 percent will be further subdivided into:
  • 20 percent from the executive members.
  • 20 percent from the TAT organizing team.  

Grades obtained in Phase I do not carry over to Phase II. 

    2. For the Phase II, the panelists will assess the top 15 participants based on

  • The difficulty of the chosen topic
  • The clarity with which the topic is presented
  • Originality and the degree of innovative ideas and concepts used to explain the topic.

In case of ties, the decision made by MitSna will be final.If none of the participants selected for Phase II qualifies for the special prize, phase I scoring would be referred.It is highly recommended that the participants submit their videos along with the title and compress their video files.

[Note: Once the participants share their videos with MitSna, they will automatically become the property of MitSna and will be used to increase stock on MitSna’s educational resources.]

Executive members of MitSna are barred from participating in the competition.

TAT 2023 FAQ's


What are the benefits of participating in the competition?

Participating in the competition can offer several benefits to you, including:

  • Recognition and validation: Winning the competition can be a great way to receive recognition for your teaching/communicating skills and expertise. It can also serve as validation of your teaching methods and approaches.
  • Prizes and awards: The competition offers prizes or awards to the winners, which include cash prizes and gift hampers.
  • Also, participating in the competition can be a valuable experience that helps you grow as a future educator, leader, communicator, public speaker or entrepreneur. Teach A Topic can provide an opportunity to build confidence and hone skills essential for any successful career path. Developing presentation capabilities and learning how to communicate effectively and present ideas will be immensely beneficial.

In conclusion, participating in Teach A Topic can help you develop critical skills to become a more effective communicator, presenter, and leader. With these skills, you can become empowered to reach new heights in your career or personal pursuits.


Do I have to register in order to participate?

Yes, you have to register through the Google form provided along with registration fees of 50 to materialize and authenticate your commitment to the competition.

Can we extend our videos to more than 8 minutes?

No ,it is recommended that you keep your videos short as longer videos have a higher chance of getting rejected.

 Will there be any restrictions on the topics or subjects that can be taught during the competition?

There may not be any restrictions on the topics or subjects that can be taught during the competition. However, it is important to note that topics related to religion, sex or content that may be deemed inappropriate or offensive, may not be tolerated.


Where can we edit & compress our videos?

You can edit the video according to your preferred App or Software. For the Compression of your videos, we recommend using an app called Video Compressor. This app can also be used to edit your videos. The app is available in Android and Ios operating systems. The link is given below https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.melgames.videocompress for Android https://apps.apple.com/in/app/video-compress-shrink-vids/id997699744 for IOS Video compressor for PC: https://handbrake.fr/ 

 Can we explain without showing ourselves in front of the camera? 

Yes you can. But all the explaining has to be done by you. No second parties or artificial intelligence should be involved. 

What can be included in the use of ‘external resources’?

Any props and materials required to amp up your presentation are welcome. Quotations, references, websites, books, experiments etc are some examples.


 In what manner should I present ‘Teach A Topic’? 

Your topic should be presented in the form of classroom teaching, though it does not have to be in a classroom. Entries in the form of vlogging will not be entertained. 

 Who can participate in the competition? 

It is open to all. Everyone can participate regardless of discipline. 

I am currently not in Manipur, can I still participate?

Yes, you can. However, you are to be a domicile of Manipur. Due to restrictions in the operation areas of MitSna, one needs to be a domicile of Manipur or of Manipuri origin to participate in the event. We are strongly working on expanding our operation area. 


Can I upload my video on my YouTube channel/Facebook Page? 

No. The video has to be original and the submission should be unique. If the submission is found anywhere else, apart from the one’s MitSna uploads, the submission will be disqualified flagging it as “not original” and copied from another site. The views and reactions only to the video posted on our site will be used to make a decision. We encourage you to share the video from our page, the reactions to your posts will not be considered, only the reactions reflected on our page will be considered.

Do I have to make the video in a single take?

The submission should not necessarily be a single take. You may take multiple shots and the editing has to be your responsibility. However, please ensure you use proper apps/software for editing purposes. Water-marked contents will be rejected.

I am a school teacher/high school student/not a student. Can I participate? 

Yes. Anyone can participate. We believe creativity doesn’t lie with age or profession. 



 How do I upload/share my video on my google drive? 


Please make the submission visible to anyone who can access the link. 

How do I know if my submission has been received? 

We will send a confirmation mail within 24hrs of the receipt of your mail. If you fail to receive any, please send us a reminder. 

The participant have to record their video >> upload it in their google drive>> share the link to mitsna.editor@gmail.com

The participant should submit their full name, address, designation, institution, class, phone number etc. at the time of registration.  




Is there any limitation in the number of videos that a participant can upload? 

No, there is no such restriction but, each teaching video uploaded must be of different topics rather than sticking to a topic and sending multiple videos explaining it in various ways.

Meet the TAT Team 2023

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  1. Haokip D Veineichong [The 90/10 Principle]
  2. V Kungsuanlian [How does Electricity reaches our Homes ?]
  3. Reenkison Thoudam [Atmosphere and it’s types]
  4. Rajkumar Rudita Chanu [Ethnobotany of Manipur]
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TAT Guidelines:-

We appreciate all the participants who have submitted their videos. Check out their videos on our YouTube channel,MitSna.