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Movie Corner aims to learn from movies, inculcate the ability to critically analyze and absorb the ideas behind movies and publish them as reviews. Appreciating or criticizing the various faces of a film rather than just mere enjoyment is what we thrive on.

The Heart and Soul of Movie Corner

Their Testimonials

All my life, I was more inclined towards the hero characters and never understood the villainy and its reasons. However the certain realisation came at the end of my teen life and to glue it more, I met the Movie Corner family. With them, I now have a reason to say why a certain movie is more beautiful to me than other in concrete terms. With them, I learned the art of cinematography and how it impacts the perspective of the world. I know we can make a subtle glow  up in the minds of our youth. Movie Corner is my run away family and I hope many of them will taste this in the coming years.


Movie Corner – a different part of me exists here,  the real me. I would say, it is home to Good movies and  Good people.


“We, humans, live in a society. Movies are the reflection of our community.”
A visual narrative gives us entertainment and to learn and perceive different perspectives. In this corner, we discuss movies and their social impact; sharing ideas,expressing different opinions, and growing together are the main principles of Moviecorner. The beauty is that whatever your belief or expression remains in the vault. And every session is an opportunity for me to learn something new.
Is investing your time and energy worthy? That’s the answer you will get when you join.


Like Tolkien’s gang of friends forming the Tea Club, Barrovian Society (TCBS) or the Dead Poet Society’s cave meetings (God forbid anyone coming up with cave ideas for meets) to discuss literary work, Movie Corner can be considered our very own version of a TCBS or a DPS, a fellowship, not for the Ring but something much more. It was formed with one sole purpose, a general appreciation for cinema but anyone within this elusive circle will tell you that’s not the only binding force between the lot (a pun for the chemistry folks, they need it), it has become a hub to discuss ideas, fantasy and reality, disbelief and animated outbursts, discovery and novel laughters but most of all, a haven to speak out your mind. All this while only talking about movies, this paints a general picture on how much cinema influences us. We are all main characters in our own stories. Movie Corner is an introspection from a larger view of all those


In the last one year span, Moviecorner has become not only a simple corner of cinephiles, it has provided me more of a family. Diversity in the discussions is not restricted to the films only. With a variety ranging from personal to social aspects in different domains of interests, it’s a place to vent out our ideas, perspective, emotions and learn the same from others. Moviecorner is a great experience.

Micheal Atom

In the contemporary world movies are the mirror of the society either in the form direct narrative or in
the form of indirect narrative. “Normal people watch movies but legends watch and discuss the matter of the movies ” According to the statement, the team of the movie corner of mistna are the legends as
they are not only watched the movie but also discussed the whole narrative of the movies and try to put forward and relate the society. Now the whole team of movie corner is not a team we are family,
brothers’ and sisters’ of another mother.


Interesting fun-pack movie discussions that u never get bored of. The topic goes on from global warming to counting actors’ pairs of shoes. Nothing is lame here and looking at d members,sometimes I wonder, ‘where were you all my life?’



For me, movies are portals to another dimension of life: living the life of others, seeing through their eyes, experiencing love, sorrow and many emotions and even experiencing death. I learn a lot as much as I enjoy watching movies. Keeping all these in mind, I came up with the idea of this corner, but trust me, this corner has far exceeded what I had in my mind. Everything multiplies when done in a group with the right people. I would say, I find the brightest minds and best conversationalist of MitSna in this small corner”


The Moviecorner is a discussion forum where we can freely exchange ideas, engage in argument and debate, and still have a good time. We try to relate actual people’s lives to our own and draw lessons from them since movies portray real people’s lives. I’m more intrigued by the fact that everyone at moviecorner is friendly and conversational.



Movie Corner is a close-knit circle where the members not only discuss movies. It serves as a safe space where one can express their thoughts and ideas without the fear of being judged. The Corner is much beyond watching cinemas and being a film critic but a bunch of interesting people who get excited to talk about everything under the sun. 



Movie corner is a group of like-minded people with who we share not just our love for movies but
also about life in general. Meeting up every week has become a practice that I look forward to. Even though we are few of us, every single one of us is committed to this group. I am introduced to different genres of movies. It changed my perspective on how to watch a movie.


It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this space where we discuss not only movies but a lot more.

Apart from gaining so much knowledge and perspective into a varied number of things,I’ve also found the nicest bunch of people!


The movie suggestions have let me explore new genres and taste, from figuring out I’d prefer thrillers over anything to realising I cannot equally stand horrors and teen romance movies. Through its weekly discussions, Movie Corner has also managed to give me different perspectives and ideas about the general aspects of life. I vividly remember the contemplation I had following the discussion after watching “Schindler’s List”, or the introspection after “Dead Poet’s Society”. I also remember falling in love with Lily Collins in “Tolkien”. These are a few recollections from the countless I have with MovieCorner since its inception last year. So heres to the lot of us here at MovieCorner, bound by cinema magic, Carpe Diem. 


A disclaimer not to be swayed by the name: ‘Movie Corner’. It’s not just a clique to discuss movies but rather a family where you are actually being heard! A safe place to dump your bottled-up emotions, your concern for society and… what not! I wonder who wouldn’t look forward to such sessions, savouring each and every movie!!  

The past one year in movie corner helped me broaden my perspectives about every aspect of life and gave me an opportunity to learn about the importance of accepting the diversity in thoughts.


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