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MitSna is a non-profit organization that is working extensively to promote quality education in Manipur at global standards. As of 2024, eighty eight (88) dedicated members from diverse backgroundsincluding Sciences, Humanities, Medicine, Engineering and Commerce, are putting effort into achieving our goal.

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Mitsna Events

Introduced in 2019, MOT invites eminent guests in and outside academia to speak on various subject matters. MOT 2019: Streamlining Education for Youth was conducted with personalities like Dr. Dhanabir Laishram, Social Scientist, Pooja Elangbam, IAS with over 700 participants. The recordings of the events reached 2 million views on our youtube channel.

TAT is an online competition where participants submit a 7-8 minutes educational video explaining any topic. It is the first of its kind in the state. The videos are then assessed by a panel of judges along with public assessment and prizes were awarded. As many as 49 participants were there in TAT 2021.

 It is a series of interactive talks held to impart knowledge of various career counseling. MIT 2021 had 13 different careers including Entrepreneurship, Public Health, Economics, Sports, etc. Each webinar was conducted online with two panelists which reached as many as 40 participants.

This event focuses on gathering the experiences of other people in their academic or professional struggles. Participants share a write-up or video explaining their experiences and struggles. These will be posted on our
you-tube channel and Instagram page so 
that other students and our followers get to learn what others are experiencing

A series of interviews for young achievers in different fields are recorded and uploaded on our youtube channel.

With the goal of providing a free educational platform and study materials, TFM has already given access to Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology materials for class X on our youtube channel. The team is working on expanding the coverage at different standards in future.

Members testimonials

I believe Education is the way, the solution to many of our personal and social problems. I believe that many drop out of the path of education due to various reasons, many because they do not know about the opportunities out there and feel helpless. Being part of MitSna, I believe I can give hope to many people out there who dream of a better future and help them overcome their obstacles.


A youth team striving to be a lighthouse for those who dream of reaching shores, climbing ladders through education.

Thyelshangran Moriah Khaling

MitSna is one of the great initiative organisation in Manipur for better youths and society in the actual educational field and in improving the skills of youths

Sonia Thongam

MitSna brings up a lot of amazing ideas to maintain our peace of mind during the crisis.

Lukram Tina

I found MitSna as a place where young can earn knowledge and also as a platform where talented students can perform and expose their talents..

Ningthoujam Dhanaraj

Useful platform for the citizens to showcase their talents and abilities. It enlightens and enriches the young minds holistically.

Manganleibi Loktongbam

A non-profit organisation aimed at improving education in Manipur and to create a healthy academic atmosphere.

Norris Haobam

New youth revolution in India especially in Northeast and Manipur.


A non profit organisation with a group of sincere youth trying to reach out the not so privilege young students and help in every way.

Rajeshree Rajkumari

MitSna's Subsidiaries

Movie Corner

Movie Corner aims to learn from movies, inculcate the ability to critically analyze and absorb the ideas behind movies and publish them as reviews. Appreciating or criticizing the various faces of a film rather than just mere enjoyment is what we thrive on.

Science Corner

Science Corner is an initiative of MitSna to promote scientific thinking and temperament to the masses of Manipur, especially targeting the youths. Here, we will make the public aware of Science, dismantle myths and translate many of the trending developments in STEM

Book Corner

This corner of MitSna facilitates learning through books. Reviews of books are collected from the public and posted on MitSna's website. Read with MitSna, a program where the readers came together and discussed various aspects of books was a success.

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