MitSna’s Interactive Talks (MIT)

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MitSna’s Interactive Talks is a regular talk series held in a smaller size at regular intervals to impart the knowledge of various career opportunities, and application procedures for the different programs including but not limited to undergraduate and graduate schools, summer and winter schools, and internships to the student community of Manipur. The talk proceeds in more of an interactive session taking advantage of the small size and promoting the habit of addressing questions.


session 2: Fine Arts

Second Session will be held on 23rd October 2022 on the career “Fine Arts”.

Speakers for the second session are Thokchom Sony ,Artist & Dr. Meinam Irikhomba Meetei ,Assistant Professor Dept of Fine Arts, MU.

Thokchom Sony

Meinam Irikhomba Meetei


 First Session will be held on 16th October 2022 on the career “Foreign Language & it’s Job Opportunities ” Speakers for first session are Dr. Ahanthem Romita Devi Assistant Professor Dept of Foreign Language, MU & Mr. Chingshubam Victor Singh Technical Advisor, Japanese Language Expert, Hiring Manager at Kyndryl.

mit 2021

Session 00: An introduction to MitSna and its scope

Kelvin Thangjam explaining the outreach activities of MitSna
The pilot program was launched at Books and Coffee, Imphal attended by over 30 young students from diverse backgrounds. The executive members are apprised of the vision, mission, and goal of MitSna followed by the registration of members.

Session 01: Introduction to IISc, IISERs and scope of career in Science

George Yumnam, a graduate from IISc and PhD student at Univ of Mizzou

The session conducted at Biophone introduced the students to IISc and IISERs which are premier research-based institutes in India and also high-lightened careers in Science and Research by Chirom Meiraba and George Yumnam

Video Link: Session 01 Video

Session 02: Diverse career aspects and stress management

Rudali H, a CSE graduate outlining the career aspect of a Computer Scientist

The session conducted at IPS Canchipur on the school orientation gives the various career aspects like Engineering and its excitement (Rudali), and a brief History of Science (Meiraba) along with stress management techniques (Vasundhara).

Session 03: Internships, UPSC preparation tips

Kanghujam Sunindra, UPSC qualified, shared his experience with the interview for UPSC

The session was held at DU Park, Delhi University. Various topics especially on importance of internships and summer/winter schools were discussed by Meiraba and Ronaldo. Kanghujam Sunindra (UPSC qualified) participated in the session where he gave tips on UPSC preparation.

Session 04: Interaction with Nelson Kangujam on IIT/JEE preparation

Nelson Kangujam taking questions from enthusiastic students

The programme was conducted at OOREI Teahouse where Nelson Kangujam shared tips on preparation for IIT/JEE

Session 05: Internship and Summer Schools

Ronaldo Laishram interacting with enthusiastic youths

At EMA Hub, Sega Road, Ronaldo Laishram conducted the session on Internship and Summer Schools: Learning outside the curriculum.

Session 06: How to get into world’s top University for Internship

Chirom Meiraba explaining what internship is

The session was conducted by Chirom Meiraba at EMA Hub, Sega Road, where he talks on the application process, various available programs and shared his experience.

Session 07: Interaction with Dhiren Singh Heisnam, MRSC

Dhiren Singh Heisnam, MRSC, giving his talk on the podium

At EMA Hub, Sega Road, Dhiren Singh Heisnam, MRSC, a Senior Scientist (Analytical Chemistry), validation specialist at Nelsons Ltd, London talked on various aspects of life.

Session 08: Harvard University: An Insider\’s Look (A Dialogue with Dr Dominic Mao

Dr. Dominic Mao, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, Harvard University

The event was held on 16th of January, 2020. Dr Dominic Mao, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies (CPB/MCB), Harvard University, interacted and discussed with the young and enthusiastic students on the application procedure and know how and fascinating stories of Harvard at Books & Coffee, Imphal. The session was moderated by Chirom Meiraba.

Session 09: Education on Economic Development

Jenine Laishramcha, a free thinker and an Assistant Professor at the University of Suwon, South Korea apprised the crowd of youths of Manipur on Economic Development, the myths behind it and clarified many important concepts with insights of sustainable development.

MitSna Interactive Talks 2021

Session 2

MitSna Interactive Talks 2021 is a series of online webinars organized by MitSna to emphasize more Student’s careers perspective and to assist individuals to the path their heart desires with the help of various subject experts who have excelled in their respective fields, fields which comprise education to sports and entrepreneurship and many more.

“Teaching guides you but inspiration leads you.” This year we came up with an aim that our webinar cum interactive sessions.

This year we came up with the interactive sessions with the aim that they will inspire the youth and future leaders, and optimize the possibilities and competencies in a particular vocation through meaningful virtual encounters. The expert presenters will share their industry-relevant experiences with the participants, followed by an interactive session where they will learn about diverse career pathways, practical knowledge, workplace trends, and exposure through authentic and inspiring stories.

Mitsna brings you MIT 2021 during this pandemic to do a bit in helping the youths to prepare themselves to face the challenge that lays before them towards better education.

There will be a session every Sunday starting from 11 July 2021.
•Platform: Microsoft Team
•Medium of Interaction: English and Manipuri
•Time: 6 pm -7 pm every Sunday.

  • Registration fee per session: Rs 100/- only
    Offers: 25% off for 3 sessions
      30% off for 6 sessions
      50% off for 15 sessions
    Special offer: 50% Off for MitSna Members for every session.

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Session 1 : Defence

Session 2 : Civil Services

Session 3 : Medicine / Physician

Special Session 1: Data Science

After the three successful sessions of MIT 2021, we are bringing a very special session series. In the special sessions, the new and hardly opted careers will be discussed.
Data science is the field of study that combines domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract meaningful insights from data.

Special session 1 will be held on 1st August 2021 on the career \” Data Science\”.

Speakers for special session 1 is
Oinam Nganba Meetei (Senior Research Scientist, Amazon)
Mutum Jagat ( Data Scientist, Core Compete)

Session 4: Law

Session 5 : Entrepreneurship

Session 6: Scientist

Session 7: Aviation

Session 8: Chartered Accountancy

Special Session 2: Sports and Sports Industry

Special Session 3: Public Health


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