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The 2023 Manipur Communal Riot

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photo courtesy : Indian Express

Manipur is a small state in the Northeastern part of India. Though the state has been a shining place regarding its rich cultural heritage, it has long seen insurgency issues due to the nature of its merger with the Indian Union.2023 has become a sad story that will go down in history as one of the darkest days. The state is witnessing a communal riot between two of its biggest groups: the Meiteis and the Kukis.

The cause of the riot and how it started is strongly debated, with many mainstream media channels publishing only half-cooked-biased news. The lack of timely intervention from Government forces has led to the spread of the riot. The violence that broke out in Manipur in early May is spread across different regions of the state and has claimed many innocent lives and destroyed many properties, with countless houses reduced to ashes.

photo courtesy : Economic Times

The Fate of Students

MitSna is concerned about the ongoing internet ban imposed in Manipur since 4th May 2023, affecting the lives of numerous individuals, particularly students, and youths. Many students have missed registration deadlines for crucial examinations such as CUET PG and JEE Advanced, and some need access to information regarding their internships. The internet ban has been extended is still on, and if it persists, it may jeopardize students’ academic and career prospects. 

An open letter to citizens of manipur

An open letter to National Testing Agency 

Adverse Impact of internet banned on students

Lend Us a Helping Hand

Help Rebuild Manipur

Dear kind-hearted people,

Manipur has been burning for months. Precious lives were lost, and even precious bonds of connection between different communities were tampered with. As a non-profit youth organization based in Manipur, our goal is to rebuild relationships between different communities and assist the victims of this violence. We have observed that numerous people have been displaced and are struggling to meet their basic needs, including nutritious food and essential supplies.Manipur holds great significance as our ancestral home, and it is our responsibility to restore and preserve its beauty.
MitSna is actively working to support Manipur by serving as a channel for your invaluable contributions as the “Saviour of Manipur.” Your donations can be made through us, and we will ensure they reach relief camps, community centres, and local clubs through appropriate channels.

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"Initial Target of 5 Lakhs ACCOMPLISHED "

Due to the enduring nature of the conflict and our determination to continue rebuilding Manipur, we have upgraded our target goal to 10 Lakhs. Thank you, “Saviours of Manipur,” for your support.

"Many individuals say they want to help; fewer do it. Thank you for being among the few today and donating to our cause."

Projects Undertaken by MitSna's REBUILD MANIPUR

Donation Drive "Help Rebuild Manipur"

Under the Rebuild Manipur project, MitSna has taken up various assignments to aid the involved victims in every shape we can procure. To date, the “HELP REBUILD MANIPUR” Donation Drive has raised a substantial amount of Five Lakhs Indian Rupees from people worldwide. The funds are utilized to purchase essential entities for displaced people. The ground team of MitSna is visiting the Relief Camps set up in the affected regions. 

MitSna aims to provide not only immediate essential items and health care services but mediate the displaced students to return to school. On behalf of the people of Manipur, we genuinely thank the “Saviors of Manipur” who supported and donated to the cause.  Manipur is vast, and we cannot promise to reach every place, but we can ascertain that every penny will be used for the cause. Please help in sharing this message. “Help Rebuild Manipur!!

Our Letter to the Chief Minister's Office (CMO)

MitSna stands in solidarity with those working towards bringing peace to the state. Beyond the public inconvenience, the internet ban jeopardizes many students’ academic and career prospects in Manipur. MitSna has mailed the district magistrates of the state addressing some alarming issues the students encounter concerning the internet ban. We have also submitted a physical letter to the Chief Minister’s Office, Manipur.

Our efforts in pressuring the government to open pop-up internet facilities resulted in a positive result. The notice of the government’s decision to provide internet services to students came few days after our submission. To convey MitSna’s statements, we have contacted various local and national news media. The two local newspapers, Sanaleibak and Sangai Express ; four national news agencies have covered us. The TV news network, Impact TV, ISTV, and AIR (All India Radio) have also broadcasted our messages.

MitSna's Published Articles :

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The Telegraph India – MitSna

Press Trust of India – MitSna

Our Service Towards Students in Manipur

When CBSE class X, 12 results were declared, Manipur was on Internet Shutdown. MitSna’s members staying outside have checked students’ exam results in Manipur. The members have also assisted in correcting the applications for CUET-PG and helping UPSC aspirants change their exam centers. MitSna has been involved in extending the deadlines and registration process in IISERs.

A little aid to "Friends of Mankind" affected by crisis

MitSna believes that Humanitarian efforts should extend beyond just helping one other human. Because of the ongoing crisis, many displaced victims left their pets stranded. An NGO called Woofloverstrust provides a foster home to abandoned animals. Our generous donor’s contribution has reached the affected animals as well.

MitSna's Book Donation Campaign

MitSna is organizing a book donation drive across the country. Your books will mark an influence on the displaced students in Manipur. Please donate to our cause.We will cover the shipping charges of school books. The list of cities aiding our drive will be updated accordingly.

  1. Kerala
  2. Kolkata

MitSna's Collaborators Under Project REBUILD MANIPUR

Shramajibi Swasthya Udyog [SSU] , a non-profit based in West Bengal, is an organization of doctors and health workers. Through MitSna, SSU is helping Manipur in this crisis by supplying us with large portions of medicines for medical relief. The meds are shipped from Kolkata, and the ground team of MitSna functions the role of advancing the supplies to relief camps.

MitSna, on behalf of the people of Manipur, expresses our heartfelt gratitude to the team of SSU for the immense assistance.

First Aid Awarenesss Programme - IRCS

The ground team of MitSna received “First Aid training” as part of the “First Aid Awareness Programme” from the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) on 20th June 2023. The group acquired the training from Dr. Bankim Thokchom, Social Emergency Response Volunteer (SERV) Master trainer. As a part of MitSna’s “Rebuild Manipur,” we seek this program to deliver necessary First Aid when demanded and provide Psychological First Aid (PFA) to the individuals in relief camps.

MitSna expresses its sincere gratitude to NEYFC for being a “Saviour of Manipur” through their contribution in raising a sum of Rupees 50,000 for our project Rebuild Manipur. The people of Manipur will remain grateful to you forever.

MitSna's Task Force Commitee - Ground Team

Non Member Volunteers :

  1. Arbin
  2. Chalamba

"Saviours Of Manipur"

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