Ever got compliments for having nice feet? ;)

Everyone has equal chances of being called a “Khuning-kai” !!

P.S. “Khuning-kai” = a person with cracked heels
The risk factor of heel fissures or cracked heels is more for older people, but the data from several studies says otherwise.
A study conducted in India shows that almost 50% of people aged 15 and above got cracked heels.

Yes, we know you’re young and healthy with soft and smooth heels but cracked heels can affect men and women of all age groups!! The risk of getting cracked heels is high for patients with weak immune systems, most common in diabetic patients.

The most common cause of cracked heels is xerosis, or dry skin.

They are sometimes painful, and might even bleed if severely dry. In most cases they do not pose any serious threat to the overall health of the patient.

Then, how to take care of your feet?

  • Remove dead skin regularly and apply moisturizer or petroleum jelly.
  • Another traditional method: Soak the feet in warm water with a few drops of lemon and a bit of salt. This moisturizes the feet naturally and makes it smooth.
  • If required, consult a doctor and apply recommended ointments.

Source of Study:

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