Saliva as our FIRST-AID.

We habitually put our saliva on wounds. Animals too lick their wounds. Is it goof though?

Do you ever notice the mouth ulcers and other oral wounds healing faster with less scar formation than the wounds on skin?

Saliva is known to contain several proteins which play a role in wound healing and dramatically accelerates blood clotting. Mainly it contains a cell- derived tissue factor – a protein necessary for the initiation of thrombin and other enzymes ], such as lysozyme, cystatins, peroxidase and defensins, that are antibacterial in nature.

Researchers found a small protein present in saliva called histatin responsible for the healing of injuries and trauma-induced burns.

Even though human saliva has many healing benefits, the mouth also contains bacteria that may be threatening if introduced into a deep wound through saliva.


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