Amazon Research Awards opens call for proposals

The ARA program has merged with the previously separate AWS Machine Learning Research Awards (MLRA) program to make it easier for researchers to apply through a single submission system and a centrally managed website on Amazon Science that provides all the information needed to submit a proposal.Proposals are reviewed for the quality of their scientific content, their creativity, and their potential to impact both the research community, and society more generally. Theoretical advances, creative new ideas, and practical applications are all welcome.

Below are the five call for proposals; each page provides information about the type of projects teams are seeking to fund:

  1. AI for Information Security
  2. Alexa Fairness in AI
  3. AWS AI
  4. AWS Automated Reasoning
  5. Robotics

The program continues to offer grant recipients unrestricted funds and AWS Promotional Credits. Funded projects are assigned an Amazon research contact, and recipients also receive training resources, including AWS tutorials and hands-on session with Amazon scientists and engineers.

October 11,2020 is the deadline for submissions.

For more details : Official website link

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