By George Orwell

Released : 29/08/2021

Reviewed : 30 /07/ 2021

Reviewed by : Binita Pukhrambam

George Orwell, pseudonym of Eric Arthur Blair was a famous critic , English novelist , and essayist . He was born on 25th June 1903 , India and died on 21st January 1950 , England .

The book Animal Farm by George Orwell is a politically satirical and allegorical book published on 17 August 1945 in England . George Orwell in this book sought to criticise the political manoeuvres before the Russian Revolution 1917 and the totalitarian rule during the Stalinist era of the Soviet Union. It was believed to portray in this book : the Old Major probably as Vladamir Lenin and Karl Marx ; Nepolean as Joshep Stalin and Snowball as Leon Trotsky .

George Orwell’s book \” Animal Farm \” was set in England in a farmhouse named Manor Farm . The animals on the Manor Farm were exhausted with their master Mr. Jones\’s tyrannic rule . As a consequence the Old Major , the prize Middle White boar gathered all the animals in the farm to organise a rebellion , referred to humans as \” enemies \” and taught the animals a revolutionary song called \”Beasts of England\”. After the death of Old Major two young boars named Nepolean and Snowball resumed command and considered it a duty to prepare for the rebellion . The rebellion finally broke out which made Mr. Jones run off the land and renamed Manor Farm as \” Animal Farm \” . The Animal Farm adopted the Seven Commandments of Animalism, the most important of which is,


However after some time there emerged a thrive of more power and influence in the Animal Farm between Nepolean and Snowball . The defeat of Snowball gave Nepolean an enormous power to rule over the farm which in turn exploited , oppressed and suppressed the animals in the name of promising \” A non-human interference farm ruled by animals \” . Nepolean abolished the \” Beasts of England\” and was prohibited to sing in the Animal Farm . Later the Seven Commandments of Animalism was reduced into a single Commandment and it ran :


Nepolean abolished the name \”Animal Farm \” and announced the farm to be known as \”The Manor Farm \”- which , he believed, was its correct and original name . Hence Nepolean\’s rule retained the legacy of Mr. Jones !

I feel that this book ought to highlight the repercussions of an authoritarian and autocratic rule which gave false promises to the people in the name of making a country or empire a Republic . This book highlighted the lives of the ignorant and unaware citizens who considered themselves being worked for a promise democratic system ; which the system in turn exploited them ruthlessly and used as slaves . Moreover this book urged to make people know how important it is to become a vigilant citizen in making an authority or a government more accountability , transparent and responsible to the people .









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