Cry and get clear, acne-free skin

Our tears mainly consist of water and many other substances, one of them being the enzyme Lysozyme. This enzyme can resist the growth of many bacteria because they degrade and also prevent the formation of the bacterial cell wall. Acne is caused by the relatively slow growing bacteria called the Cutibacterium acnes. In various experimental studies conducted in vitro, it has been suggested that lysozyme can effectively control the growth of C. acnes (experiments are conducted in different doses).  Isolating lysozyme from various sources like milk, saliva, tears, urine, stomach mucus, egg whites,etc and again maintaining proper storage for it is still under study.

Why lysozyme is important?

In the treatment of acne and other cosmetic industries, certain anti-biotics are used. However, many studies have shown that long term use of these antibiotics often cause many side effects such as mood disturbances, dry skin, dermatitis, burning sensation, etc., even to the extent of the emergence of multi-drug resistance bacteria. Lysozyme is a protein that can be obtained from abundant, easy to find, and inexpensive ingredients. Therefore, lysozyme is believed to be a potential protein that can replace antibiotics in the treatment of skin problems. Until then, we suggest you cry regularly and secrete more lysozyme to control your acne…. Well, no! just kidding!!

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