By Easterine Kire

Released : 27/03/2021

Reviewed : 07/03/2021

Reviewed by: Siami Guite


MARI is one of Easterine Kire’s writings where she brings alive the true story of a battle in Kohima that ended the Japanese invasion of India during the WWII through her aunt Mari’s memories and a diary she had maintained during that momentous time. What strikes me most is how the protagonist in the story showed by example that by living passionately and loving unreservedly, we give depth and meaning to the scattered events and accidents of our lives eventually helping us see through life and death. The situation depicted in the novel is even more realistic and keeps the reader engrossed to the story. It portrays that people can still fall in love and hope for better days even in the midst of a war.

The book is a perfect blend of a forgotten period of history and romance which proved to be a memorable one. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The cover of the book looks a bit outdated but I feel it matches perfectly with the character of the protagonist, Mari.

All in all, I would give it a rating of 4.5/5 so I totally recommend this book.

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