Me Before You-Movie Review

Review By Rahul

Will Traynr was a very active person but unfortunately he got hit by a motorbike . Since then, he became quadriplegic and needed constant care. While Louisa Clark was looking for a job to support her family, she ended up becoming a caregiver for Will. Eventually, they bonded, and Clark was trying hard to change Will’s mind about giving up his life.In the end , Will choose to give up not only because he is physically dependent but also because he started loving Clark and didn’t want her to miss out on life because of him.

Will Traynor is a selfish and selfless guy at the same time.He wants to give up his life as he couldn’t enjoy his privileged life .One the other, as Will was a young businessman and extreme sports enthusiasts, we understand his decision and respect them.But it should not be taken as  message that people with disabilities are a burden on their families and those who care for them. The film seems to promote the view that people are better off dead than disabled. 

Clark is a cheerful person but the fact that her heart flutters even though she has a long term boyfriend proves the unpredictability of human relationship.On the other hand, Patrick , the boyfriend of Louisa was an egoistic and narcissistic person. He never really cared that much about Louisa. This might be a reason for her to fall for Will apart from her personal thought .The movie ends with Louisa at a Cafe in Paris reading Will’s last words to her in a letter.

My favourite line in the letter was “….you are  scored on my heart, Clark…”

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