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Regarded as one of the best in Manipuri Cinema, Imagi Ningthem is a 1981 feature film directed by Aribam Shyam Sharma. Written by M.K. Binodini, the film was the first Manipuri film to enter Indian Panorama and also won the Golden Montgolfiere at a festival of 3 Continents in Nantes, 1982. 

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Dhani met Thoithoi, a six year old boy when she came as a primary school teacher in his village. She found out the story behind the boy’s parents. Thoithoi’s father met his mother when he was posted at the station where his mother and grandfather worked. Before giving birth to Thoithoi, his father left them and unfortunately his mother died giving birth to Thoithoi. Learning that the father is her sister’s husband, Dhani told her sister Ekashini about the boy. After Ekashini came to see the boy who was yearning for his mother, they started to develop a mother-son relationship. Ekashini brought the boy to her home and started raising him and couldn’t let the boy go.

The film shows a strong women character in Ekashini who stand up and are willing to amend others’ mistakes. Dhani portrays a woman who is not bound by any stereotypical and corrupt system. The feelings of a kid raised without parents and a mother who cannot neglect another kid who calls her mother is carefully woven in the film as is existent in our society. The film represents people resisting a corrupt system in education represented by Dhani’s character. The importance of decisions, consequences of it and their effect on people in their lives is well fabricated by the writer in the film. Images of society prevalent in olden days can be seen and reflected as history when today’s generation watch it and can relate to their own lives. To refresh the outlook towards manipuri films, Imagi Ningthem is one good film and highly recommended!!!

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