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Considering the timeline in which the movie was released, it sets the landmark for bringing the topic of homophobia and HIV into Hollywood. Although not the most nuanced screenplay, it took a lot of courage to represent such sensitive topics at that time frame. The movie portrayed the journey of two people, Andrew and Miller. Both Tom Hanks[Andrew] and Denzel Washington[Miller] did justice in playing their respective characters. We can empathize with Andrew, the struggles he faces to fight for his rights in addition to his weakening health. 

Review by y.Dimpy

The character arc of Joe Miller from being extremely homophobic to an individual who began to appreciate the love as it is with no regard to gender-biased took the limelight. We as an audience could feel the genuine and purity in the relationship between Andrew and his partner. As Andrew’s partner, Antonio played a charming character that is worth mentioning. The courtroom scene could have been more intense, and the ending seemed predictable.But overall, the movie delivered the message it sets out to provide. 

The film recognized people’s partiality against individuals who had AIDS by considering the mode of transfusion of the disease. It established that people suffering from the disease should be treated on the same ground no matter the reason for transfusion. The movie acknowledged that we humans make mistakes and should not judge anyone. Andrew was privileged that his family members and friends support his fight against the disease and his right. 

Had the incident been in our Manipur society, the more highlight won’t be the fact that he had AIDS but that he had premarital sex. However compared with other states in the country, Manipur is more welcoming in accepting genders such as lesbians, transgender, and queer.  Few films have been brought into the mainstream media, highlighting the need for acceptance and representation of the community.Our society is moving forward, although slowly but yet surely.

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