Rainbows making you feel doki-doki!!

You are so special that you got your own special rainbow!!

No two persons can see the same rainbow: a unique rainbow for every person!

Rainbows are pretty, right? But, to see the rainbow,

  • The sun should be behind you
  • The sparkly-sparkly raindrops should be in front of you
  • The sun should not be over you(it should form an angle and rainbows are best viewed either in the morning or the evening)

So, How are rainbows formed??

We have learnt that the white light of the sun comprises 7 primary colors (light rays). When the sun rays enter the raindrops, it undergoes a series of refraction and reflection and since the 7 different colors have distinct wavelength and frequencies, with the raindrops acting as a prism, they get refracted at different angles and hence we see the rainbow.

So, what makes you get your own special rainbow??

The raindrops that form your rainbow will differ from your friend standing next to you. You will get your own different combination of raindrops, creating your own rainbow, which cannot be seen by anyone but “YOU”, same goes for the other person. Hence, a different rainbow for everyone.

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