” The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage “

By Sydney Padua

Released : 17/10/2021

Reviewed : 08/10/2021

Reviewed by Shrestha Chowdhury

Would you like to know about the father of modern computers and the pioneering lady behind today’s computer programming?

Then, let me suggest you read “The Thrilling Adventures of Lovelace and Babbage” by Sydney Padua.

The black and white book, published in 2015, is an entertaining graphic novel set in Victorian times that recalls the journey of Sir Charles Babbage and Lady Ada Lovelace with a hypothetical machine called the Analytical engine.

Well, it is not exactly the actual depiction of the original set of events. But the author has skillfully used her gift of imagination to fill in the void of what could have happened if Babbage’s Analytical engine was in reality.

The book has 10 chapters. It begins with how Lady Ada Lovelace, in a party, came across Sir Charles Babbage, the inventor of the Differential engine – the first artificial mechanical device for calculation. Then, we see their joint venture into accomplishing a bigger ambitious plan – the invention of the Analytical engine.

However, in real life, the Analytical engine could not be made as Sir Babbage kept improvising his design throughout his life while Lady Lovelace died prematurely due to Cancer.

Here, come into play the author’s imagination. She explores the idea of a world where the Analytical engine already exists.She then narrates the adventures which Sir Babbage and Lady Lovelace encounter in that imaginary world.

As you read the book, you will feel a tremendous amount of adrenaline rush. Each chapter has intense vivacity and speed.The language is witty and full of subtle historical references.Indeed, it is a book that ensures swift reading but offers a lingering effect on the mind.

The author, however, did not lose the grip of actual events completely. The book is thoroughly saturated with historical anecdotes as footnotes. Each chapter ends with extensive documentation of facts and figures. They also provide you a list for further reading.

No doubt, this book is a masterpiece by the genius author. You will find history, science and art – all within the same cover.So, why wait any longer? Quickly prepare your coffee and find your mind racing with Lovelace and Babbage!












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