Chungking Express (1994)

A policeman, in the city of Hong-Kong, experiencing a break-up was obsessed with his desire for his girlfriend to return. He waited for one month by buying pineapples that expire on his birthday. With days passed by and hope began to fade he gave up and moved on where he started loving another girl who is a drug dealer.

A girl working in a shop fall for another policeman dealing with a break-up. Using keys left by the girlfriend in the shop, she came to his apartment secretly and helped with the chores. The policemen found out the chemistry and planned a date but the girl didn’t show up. She moved to California and came back a year later to the policeman.

Two completely unrelated stories based in the city of Hong-Kong are shown in this widely acclaimed film by Wong-Kar-wai. A  person’s behavior and mental attitude during a break-up and falling in love is thrilling and how one’s life goes by without getting much noticed by the world or the world being not noticed can be seen in the movie. Someone is a main character in their life but insignificant in most others’ lives. It’s hard to understand someone completely. One’s choice is not always constant and that is what makes people change or rather life moving.

A very realistic film, good cinematography and dialogues makes Chungking Express a better one. A different genre to reflect on life and its experiences along with the meanings, the film is a good watch. Wong-kar wai is a renowned film maker from Hong Kong which is known worldwide. The film has a IMDb rating of 8.1/10.

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