Tongue as biometric

It is also possible to determine the sex of the person from their lip prints!!

ladies , now, you can find out the one kissed on your man’s shirt…from the lipstick marks!!

Our tongue is a musculoskeletal organ which performs sensory and motor functions. The shape, texture and colour of the tongue can be used in personal identification. It conveys a lot of information regarding the health status of an individual. The dorsal (upper) surface of the tongue is unique for each person.

Similarly, our lips also have specific patters. Lip prints are found to be formed as early as the 6th week of the fetal stage and remain permanent, resisting environment changes, pathologies, minor traumas and inflammation.

Studies suggested that the intersecting type of lip print pattern was found to be significantly associated with males, whereas females had the vertical lip print pattern predominantly.

So, scrutinizing lip prints and tongue prints can serve as a prime tool in sex determination and criminal identification.


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