QUIET: The Power of Introvert in a World That Can\’t Stop Talking


By Susan Cain

Released : 10/10/2020

Reviewed : 08/10/2020

Reviewed by: Langlen Chanu

Susan Cain is one of the finest writers and is introverted by nature. After listening to her 2012 ted
talks, I urged myself to read her book \”QuietThe Power Of Introvert in a World That Can\’t Stop
Talking\”. She defined ‘introversion’ and ‘extroversion’ in a whole new way after the word itself
was popularized by Psychologist, Carl Jung way back in 1921.
People often confuse introversion with shyness but in reality, shyness is only an overlapping
character with introversion. Shyness is a negative word for the society but we don\’t need to shame
a person for being shy.

She starts off the book with how culturally our society creates extroversion as a leadership
character. Theoretically, in a world where we are taught \’to be great is to be bold; to be happy is to
be sociable\’, the book gives us the idea to improvise our learning from childhood by assisting and
guiding the developing personality of one, either quite or selective. “The ‘Bus to Abilene
anecdote reveals our tendency to follow those who initiate action – any action.” For some few
people, fruitful miracle of communication is in the mist of solitude.

The writer makes us understand one\’s temperament as the behavioral and emotional patterns that
are observable in infancy and early childhood and personality as a complex brew emerges after
cultural influence or personal experience through many fact findings and experiments. Also, she
talks about how introverts inculcate the characters of extroverts just to be accepted by the world
and the effect of this prolonged acting out of characters increases nervous system activity and
compromises the immune functioning. If one enjoys the depth on their own, don\’t force them to
seek the breath.
Introverts often honor small talk, but enjoy deep discussions. The writer also advised people to
accept one\’s temperament and personality since childhood. They have the power of persistence,
the tenacity to solve complex problems and clear sightedness to avoid pitfalls that trip others.

Find out more characters of introvert if you have a quiet friend or a family member. This book will
help you understand what they have gone through and why they often need some time alone.
You will also encounter stories of famous introverted personalities like Rosa Park, Mahatma Gandhi.

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