By- Hijam Guno

Released : October 03,2020
Reviewed : September 30,2020
Reviewed by Minerva Hemam

Laman” is Sahitya Akademi awardee Hijam Guno’s debut Manipuri novel. It is a historical novel that will take you to the 19th century. It gives an explicit taste of Manipuri literature where you wouldn’t find much of Sanskrit or Bengali words.

The story revolves around the life of a lady where she struggles to bring up her child amidst all the hurdles she faces. Despite the social stigmas, the lady clings to her goal and stays loyal. And talking about loyalty, the pet dog’s loyalty and sacrifice will bring you to tears. A strong bond between the hills and the valley is also displayed in this story. One very special thing that captivated me in the story is where the writer paints the beauty of a young lady with words on a canvas. The romance between the two young souls will make your heart flutter and let you live in their world. The writer will make you fall in love with all the characters.

You will have an insight of the different debts (laman) the characters owe only after you read the story. The story will make you time-travel and experience a whole different world.

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