Schindler’s List

Movie Review

With the sole purpose of becoming a millionaire, Oskar Schindler stepped into Nazi occupied Poland and started a business. Amidst the business the climax of antisemitism and persecution of Jews shocked Mr. Schindler and triggered his philanthropic feeling towards saving them. He who dreamt of being a millionaire ended up spending millions to buy his Jew workers from the Nazi commander. Schindler’s List is a list of life- the life of the 1,200 Jews he saved from the notorious Holocaust. 

Besides the historical narrative, the movie also focused on how the ‘human’ in Schindler got amplified. Spielberg, the director, presented the movie in black and white because to him- Holocaust was life without light and the symbol of light is colour. It won seven Oscar awards.

Towards Social Relevance

A Jew engineer suggested repouring the foundation of a construction. Then she was shot and immediately Commander ordered to do exactly as she said. Are people impatient to learn or being advised from someone considered to be of lower rank then them? Can’t people tolerate someone being smarter than them? Racism was at its peak in the Nazi regime with the antisemitism clearly shown in the Holocaust. Today, doesn’t racism still exist as evident in being called certain names, treated unfairly, so on? The movie has a part where the Commander was bribed by Schindler to buy the Jews.

Dropping the part of saving the Jews, is the part of bribing an official a ‘seen but unseen’ act in our society?

In the movie Schindler employed the Jews in his factory and it became the only way for Jews to stay alive those days. Don’t we need industries in various fields to employ our people? What if it’s for only our people of the state? 

Schindler realized the value of human life which compelled him to save the persecuted.

As it was, shouldn’t we inculcate the understanding of ‘value of life’?

Hatred against the Jews was diffused in the Nazi regime even to the minds of small children.

Isn’t hatred against a particular community spread without even considering the reality behind that? Are some communities hated without questioning why it should be ?

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