By Rhonda Byrne

Released: October 03,2020

Reviewed: September 30,2020
Reviewed by – Tourlin Singh Thokchom

Albert Einstein (1879-1955) rightly said Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s
coming attractions
(Rhonda, 91). The Secret can be read as the elaborated version of this
saying. Rhonda Byrne had beautifully compiled The Secret in 2006 with facts and
examples, which is one of the best non-fictional spiritual books I have ever come across.

One winter evening, as I was exploring the self-help book section at one of my favourite book stores in Imphal, the Books and Coffee, I came across this book. Fascinated by the title, I was really curious to know what The Secret really is, so I grabbed the book and digested the contents. It didn’t disappoint me at all and perhaps one of the best read ever. It’d generally takes less than a week for a regular reader to thoroughly understand the book. As I was going through the first part of The Secret, I came to know that it was based on the law of attraction. It describes how our way of living is directly proportional to our way of thinking. The most interesting part is when it reveals that The Secret is already within us! This book teaches us how to practice The Secret in us, basically training our mind to think in an effective manner. While reading it, I recall some incidents which had happened in my life where I can relate to the chapters of The Secret. So, it’s a proven method for me. The notion of this book is quite acceptable which suggest the readers to focus on the present and believe in the positive outcomes of life in the future, rather than being worried about things that are yet to happen in future and limiting our abilities. This book also portrays the importance of gratitude and visualisation in achieving one’s desires which I find this part to be one of the most important things one could practice more often. The Secret is an all-rounder which touches important parts of life for one’s well being, The Secret to health, wealth and relationship, with more general thoughts about the Universe. I believe that our world can be a peaceful place to some extent which is free from greed and negativity, if majority of us could absorb the positive teachings of The Secret. Although some critics may say that this book is over-rated, I find it to be helpful as I believe in the importance of psychology in one’s well being.

In my humble opinion, it just needs a reader with a positive mind to get the best out of this book. I’m sure many of us could relate to the events that are mentioned in these chapters as I did. Now, I’m curious about the result if I’ld practices The Secret more often and make it a habit. Overall, it is worth reading. We can take the best out of The Secret. So don’t you want to know The Secret too?

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